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Adam Bauerle
Education -
B.S. degree in Computer Science from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
Adam Bauerle is a software developer in Rapid City, SD. He mainly does website development (server-side programming, database design and development, client-side scripting and website design) but can also develop desktop applications along with server web services. He has his Series 3 broker's license and is employed as the computer tech, network administrator and software engineer to develop any needed computer software for Ag Business Specialists.
David Bauerle
Education -
B.S. degree in Computer Science and Mathematics, minor in Accounting from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln
David Bauerle is an area producer that has been involved in the family operation for over thirty years, managing and operating his 2500 acre farm. David also has extensive experience in the marketing industry as he is responsible for marketing all of the commodities produced by his farm. David is one of the many forward thinking progressive producers in the area. He uses GPS (global positioning system) in nearly every aspect of his operation, and has aided in the development of several revolutionary software programs and concepts. David Bauerle has and will continue to develop innovative software for Ag Business Specialists.
Jamilah Bauerle
Education -
Not available at this time
Not available at this time.
Janette Hieber
Education -
B.A. degree in Agribusiness and Accounting from Chadron State College
Janette Hieber is a graduate of Chadron State College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in agribusiness and accounting. Janette has received her Series 3 broker's license and is currently working with the accounting system, filing system and is training as an ag consultant.
Jed Stamm
Education - B.S. degree in Diversified Agriculture, minor in Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communication from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Jed Stamm has been in production agriculture for many years. He has been involved in crop insurance and financial analysis for the last two years. Most recently Jed has worked for the local Coop in the accounting department and for a local bank in the insurance department. Jed has gained valuable knowledge and expertise in the insurance sector as well as the accounting industry with his previous employment. Jed Stamm has also developed many business contacts which will be of great value to Ag Business Specialists.
Tim Varilek
Education -
B.S. degree in Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Tim Varilek is a graduate from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln with degrees in Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics. He grew up on the family farm in southwest Nebraska and helped with the production and marketing of corn, wheat, soybeans, edible beans and sunflowers. He has his Series 3 broker's license and is looking forward to working with producers in the area.
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